Monday, 24 February 2014

On turning 40

I should probably warn you, this is the blog of a mid-lifer.  Last week I turned 40 and 40 is middle-aged, as far as I'm concerned.  So some kind of a crisis may be looming for me, if I'm to believe the mythos.  However, that aside, I figure it's a good age to be. The vitality of youth has not entirely disappeared (or so I like to think) and the wisdom of age is beginning to make its presence known (or so I like to think).  Thus there is a kind of harmony, balance and strength to be had at 40 -- a harmony, balance and strength that wasn't there to be had at 30. And certainly not at 20.  This is something to savour. And if a crisis should erupt, at 40 years of age one has that mental, emotional and spiritual resources to handle the situation -- or so I like to think.

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