Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Signs of not-winter, of winter-end

Slowly signs of spring are revealing themselves.  They're subtle signs, but they're there.  Maybe calling them signs of spring is a little too strong.  Perhaps it would be best to call them signs of not-winter, of winter-end. As Robert Kroetsch wrote in his poem "Seed Catalogue":

Then it was spring. Or, no:
then winter was ending.

For now the air is a little softer, a little milder.  Also, it's snowing. While this is usually a sign of winter, up here for much of the winter it's too cold to snow.  The birds are now making their presence known.  There's a bit more life in the tree branches as the chickadees have come out of hiding.  The sun has some warmth. The other day I noticed the eaves were dripping.


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