Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A walk in the snow

On Easter Sunday my wife and I wrestled our toddler son into our Baby Trekker and walked into the snowy woods near our home in Norway House, MB.  

I always love the woods with snow, so it's important to see them again in this state before it melts away for another year.   Most people are more than eager to see the snow disappear--and I can understand that sentiment, absolutely.  I'm also looking forward to the spring.  But there is a certain serenity about forests and snow, forests in snow, and I'll miss that when it's gone.  At one point during the walk, we let our son out of the carrier and stopped for some tea and homemade gingersnap cookies. Don't tea and cookies taste best when eaten outdoors in cold weather? 

Yes, the charms of spring and summer are many--but I'll miss this wintry weather when it's gone and I'll enjoy seeing it once more when it comes around again next November.  

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