Monday, 10 November 2014

How it begins (again)

During my first year in northern Manitoba - back when I was living in Flin Flon - I recall being told that when it snows after Hallowe'en, it stays.  The snow stays and that's winter.   And it can come very quickly. 

Since last Thursday winter came and took hold.  At first it was picturesque, with a few flakes glinting in the sunlight.  On Friday morning Norway House was an image of Christmascard pastoral: every treebranch lined with soft snow.  Soft snow softly falling.  But by Friday afternoon the wind came--hard, fierce and sharp.  The lake began to freeze.  And that sharp wind stayed all weekend, freezing the river that flows past our home. The snow is now ankledeep in places.

This is how it begins. And this is how it will stay, staying with us until April.  And I admit I don't look forward to month after month of wondering, Will the car start? Months of frozen fingertips and cold ears.  But all the same, there is, to my mind, something calming and peaceful about winter. 

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